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Vintage Chanel Diana for the men of MGFT

Hello Dianalings!

It really has been a hot minute since we last blogged about the ground breaking topic of vintage Chanel (lol). Coming back at you is something long LONG overdue. 

The world of luxury is really overwhelmingly catered towards the woman shopper and while that has been the status quo, it isn’t exactly reflective of  the modern day shopper nor is it building the inclusive environment I want MY little shop to be. It also does NOT reflect my following which actually has quite sizeable number of guys (shout out to all the men of MGFT, welcome!!)

Vintage Chanel is really for everyone. This is why I wanted to showcase the vintage Chanel Diana as a MURSE (i.e. a man's purse!) for the men of MGFT (and when I say men, I mean to include those who generally also identify as “he”). There is barely a drop of information in the world for men and as a serious content creator, this is where MGFT can come in and be genuinely helpful!

To help with this exercise, I asked MGFT’s resident intern, to help model the Diana of his choice and provide stylistic direction. The intern is 6 ft and generally wears a size L in most high street brands. For the vast array of Dianas, he picked the caviar Diana (in medium) as his Murse of choice. The caviar adds a touch of personality and texture, which he would prefer over a “pop of color”. Plus the medium size fits a good a book/kindle/ipad. 

The intern genuinely loves and would use this caviar Diana bag on a day out, although to him it was more of a “mini date” bag. A vintage Chanel bag he would recommend as a proper substitute for a day bag, he suggests opting for a vintage Chanel “Kelly” bag (MGFT note: we don’t actually sell that style, intern!)

He had complete freedom during the modelling session and felt most comfortable wearing it two ways:

Cross body, in front and from the back (good for cyclists in a city) and makes it more casual. 

Vintage Chanel Diana Man
Vintage Chanel Diana Man

Admittedly on his build, he thinks the chain is a tad bit short but very FASHUN. On slightly smaller guys this would be the perfect cross body. He would want to get this strap lengthened. 

Vintage Chanel Diana Man

I think even with the dressier "gold" and black color scheme, it can still look very casual and dressed down. 

Vintage Chanel Diana Man

As a “clutch”, this is the method he thinks is the most low key. If you live in a city where luxury isn't EVERYWHERE, this is the perfect way to wear the caviar Diana on the low down. 

 Vintage Chanel Diana Man

Vintage Chanel Diana Man

Similar to the ladies, for men of smaller builds, the medium may be a bit too overwhelming and the next task is for us to find a smaller built guy to help us with modelling this same bag. That being said, guys generally have broader shoulders and so in terms of proportionality, the medium should be the best size for most of you.

There you have it! The vintage Chanel Diana on a guy. I think it still looks stunning and very classy. The lambskin version would be perfect for a more formal occasion.

I hope this helps the men out there with any of their buying decisions for vintage Chanel. Let me also take this opportunity to publicly declare that MGFT is deeply committed in being THE most inclusive vintage shop around. As always leave a comment below, I want to know your thoughts on which other styles you would want to see and on which types of bodies!


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