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Vintage Chanel Jewellery at The Vintage Concept (NOT SPONSORED, I WISH)

A very famous watch shop in Hong Kong invited me over to visit and try on their vintage Chanel jewellery two weeks ago and obviously I said heck yes!

Vintage Concept is an incredibly well known vintage watch store in HK. So well-known in fact that my intern once dragged me in there a few years back and several of my (mostly male) friends have purchased their vintage Rolexes from them previously. They recently decided expanded to include an offering to women (not to say women didn't previously enjoyed vintage Rolexes, but certainly that hasn't yet become mainstream)!!!

This is NOT a sponsored post. You don’t have to buy from them! There’s no discount code or anything like that although VC does tell me they are doing a discount code for their opening of this jewellery offering. I ate a bunch of mango gummies and had some oolong tea, but otherwise nothing else was gifted (can you imagine, the day I am gifted anything vintage Chanel, I've REALLY MADE IT).

I always preach that in the vintage market, you should pay a premium for reputable sellers who also HAVE THOSE RARE PIECES ON HAND (i.e. keep inventory like real businesses do) not just reposting random pictures of things. This is definitely one of those shops. They have a shop front in CENTRAL in HONG KONG and they have to pay sky high rent so their pure retail existence is a real show of strength and confidence in what they do.

If you're interested in buying I would point you to their website (linked above), as they had so many pieces I couldn't photograph all of them, so I picked some of my favorites!

vintage Chanel necklace

Some very statement necklace pieces here which were also quite weighty, and I mean neck pain weight. I love the details on these pieces, really very “statement” and I’ve seen some people really pull these pieces off.

 vintage Chanel necklace

There’s also this perfume bottle necklace with real Chanel No.5 perfume! I love how it ages so well. I didn’t dare open to sniff it but I suppose theoretically it should still smell wonderful? It was weighty as well, but if someone wore it out i would definitely stare at it...

 vintage Chanel necklace

vintage Chanel necklace

One very wearable piece which was relatively "small" for the rest of the costume jewellery was this very dainty piece that. This could be the gold medallion chain on steroids! I see lots of people wearing some sort of medallion so this one is right on trend. I've also seen some old pieces being re-worked and the end result kind of looks like this one below. Very wearable. 

vintage Chanel necklace

This bracelet had also the most amazing details. All of the iconic Chanel pieces attached onto this gold chain. Made a very nice jangle as well. I’ve been told this is quite the collector’s piece! I also brought along Martin and Zoe for this shoot as I thought it would be fun to combine the accessories!

vintage Chanel bracelet 

vintage Chanel necklace

Now the one item I was really tempted by and likely the only piece you could reliably wear to work without raising eyebrows were these clip on Chanel CC earrings in gold. I love a small dainty earring and I think these were pretty fun. Someone also sent me a Youtube video on how to loosen clip on earrings to make them more bearable for daily wear as the clip on style can be quite painful after a while.

 vintage Chanel earrings

Also as I said, free mango gummies!! My intern probably ate half a bag of these while I was shooting.

 vintage Chanel earrings

This brooch as well I was sort of tempted by. The detail on this was phenomenal. Very intricate. But alas, brooches are not making a fashion comeback and I am definitely not cool enough to wear this. But if i WERE a brooch wearer, this would be my pick. 

 vintage Chanel earrings

This was actually a choker style Chanel necklace to be put around your neck and I loved how it look here as if it were a sea of Chanel flowing down! Would look great as a choker for a night time event with black maybe. This one is also quite rare and actually for a choker not SUPER tight. 

 vintage Chanel necklace

Another very wearable on trend piece with the gold ring trend going on was this Chanel ring. I have quite small hands so possibly looks a bit disproportionate here but actually I think as a thumb ring it would look very FASHUN. 

vintage Chanel ring

If you’re looking to buy vintage Chanel jewellery in Hong Kong, I don’t know that many places you can actually try it on except for at the Vintage Concept. They also ship internationally and you can leverage on their existing logistics regime for shipping extremely rare and valuable watches to buy their jewellery pieces as well. I mean if you can be trusted for over 100K HKD watches, what's a 5K HKD necklace right? Also pay them a visit when you're in HK, if you love vintage watches as well they are very reputable.

I have a few of my (mostly male) friends nagging me to make the introduction to the VC and during the visit my intern basically interrogated the poor folks at VC on his own vintage rolex. It was his idea of a heavenly afternoon. 

Thanks again to Vintage Concept for letting come in and make a mess and try on all the vintage Chanel jewellery I've ever wanted! Also thanks for entertaining the intern with all his amateur watch collector questions and letting him eat all those mango gummies. 

Does anything tickle your fancy or do you already have an extensive collection? Educate me!

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  • They have such cute pieces! Love those small earrings as well as the gold medaillon chain!! The choker and brooch looks amazing but are too cool for me hahah. And lol at the intern, bet he had the time of his life!


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