Trying on both sizes of vintage Chanel Dianas ft. Sheryl & Blanca

Trying on both sizes of vintage Chanel Dianas ft. Sheryl & Blanca

The other day, I had the rare chance to have on hand two sizes of the caviar Chanel Diana in my favorite Diana color, “dark beige” or as Asian vintage dealers may say “milk tea” color.

This is my personal beauty, called Sheryl. I have hunted for this exact color combinations since i started collection. Along the way I made other purchases thinking it was THIS particular shade of beige and it turns out it wasn't. That was an expensive learning experience but also how I educated myself on the various shades of vintage Chanel Diana so YOU don't have to! 

Vintage Chanel Diana dark beige

This was the other one I had found for sale, called Blanca. She was in such high demand and rightly so as this color is incredibly elusive and difficult to find. 

Vintage Chanel Diana dark beige

I’ve done a post on all the sizes of the Chanel Diana before and given my thoughts on what size might be suitable for you. However, I never did a proper try on of the bags since my original post in 2017! It was such a rare occasion to have both sizes of my favorite Diana in my possession, I just had to take them out for some photo fun!

You can see from below that the medium size as you can see is roughly 1.3 times larger than the small size. 
small and medium size vintage chanel diana

I tried this on cross-body, and as a shoulder bag (this is how Princess Di liked wearing it). Lots of people ask me about the strap drop length. All I can say on my body is it longer than a classic flap and shorter than a rectangular mini. It's very similar to the square caviar mini strap drop. It sits quite comfortably on my body either day. 

I've seen the Diana on more petite girls, and it never looks like you're sweeping the floor as you might with a rectangular mini. What I will say though is that the caviar Diana is significantly heavier than the lambskin version so it will eat into your shoulder with the weight, especially when full. 


Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

Strap drop looks almost similar here except that the medium one covers most of my navel. Still not a huge difference and actually despite my love for the small size, I could probably reasonably still pull off the medium size. 

Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

More cross-body:

Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

Both very great sizes. If you're on an actual running around errand day, the medium is realistically more functional. The small size is the perfect nighttime or wedding guest bag. 

As a shoulder bag, this is where the size makes the most difference. On me, as an average sized medium girl, I think the medium looks too wide and slightly disproportional. The small also probably honestly looks a bit too petite as well. I want a size right in between!

Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

One plus from these photos is that I now obviously know the width of my thighs, haha!

Vintage Chanel Diana Dark Beige

There you go! Let me know what size you think works best and whether you think the Diana looks better when worn cross-body or as a shoulder bag!


Such stunning photos! So helpful to see both bags side by side (top/bottom?) lol. I love my medium lambskin Diana…the hunt for a small size one continues <3

Love your blog posts and your Instagram content


Thanks for the detailed review on both beauties! I’ve previously never really considered the medium because the small was so cute but seeing the two I’m definitely seeing the appeal of a bigger bag. Although I think the small is still my preferred size after reading this and sizing those comparison pictures. A very informative post! Looking forward to your next one xoxo


Giving you much love here and thank you for putting this together!! I don’t have one yet (not until I can buy one from you successfully!) but I’d definitely prefer to wear the smaller Diana as a shoulder bag because it’s dressier, more ladylike and feminine in my opinion. But certainly like the option to be hand free or when I wanna look edgy wearing it crossbody. I’m on the petite side so I’m not even sure how the medium diana would look on me but I love my m/l classic flap and jumbo.

Michelle aka michitamnyc

Such a dreamy color!! I think it looks great on as both a shoulder and crossbody, but my preference would lean toward crossbody for ease.


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