MGFT Annual Report Card: 2020

MGFT Annual Report Card: 2020

Dear Dianalings,

This has been a crazy year hasn’t it? It's been a whirlwind for us too here at MGFT. Thank you for your support this year -  I am really proud of what we've achieved and without a doubt, this would not be possible without all of YOU.

First, I wanted to showcase (below) the most popular photo on our instagram this year!

tan caramel rectangular mini chanel

Second, I thought it would also be good to give you a “report card” of the shop. I want to tell you how we’ve done this year – the good and bad. Here's a quick lowdown:

Number of questions or issues relating to authenticity on bags: ZERO! 

Number of lost packages or incorrectly shipped bag packages: ZERO!

Number of incidents relating to bags: THREE. 

MGFT has achieved an almost 100% incident-free sales record. Two of these incidents were attributed to “human error”, i.e. error in our shipping and fulfilment policies. 

  • The first was accidentally marking the bottom bag when handwriting the MGFT Thank You Card and not being aware this had happened. Bag was then shipped to our customer who flagged this to us upon receiving the bag. We admitted to this error and compensated accordingly for the cleaning of this minor pen mark. We also then decided to throw in a dust bag for EACH MGFT bag sold so that each bag is protected when it is in our possession thereby lowering risk of any accidental markings. NEVER put pen and lambskin together. This buyer subsequently became a repeat buyer, the testament of the strength of not only before any successful sale but also after-sales service I would think!
  • The second was incorrectly stating the relevant bag had a sticker when it did not. Bag was then shipped to our customer who flagged this to us. We admitted to this error and even posted the review. We also provided compensation and offered a fluffy to help with any damage the bag undertook during shipping (if any). We now have a revamped internal filing system to ensure each bag and its accessories is correctly identified and filed.
  • Our third incident was an unfortunate mismatch of expectation which I do not attribute to MGFT’s error. There are limitations to what an online selling experience can achieve: limitations due to technology (from lighting, quality of pictures, exposure etc…) and I think everyone agrees that MGFT already adopts a best efforts policy to bring to the public the most honest and safest experience possible. No internal policies were improved as we took a view that this was an unreasonable and unfair request given we have reached the limits of technology.

All in all, A+ for this year. Hopefully this is a grade we can achieve every year (we certainly endeavour to).

This year, we also launched our accessories line

These are the first products we ever created. As it turns out, it is hugely different from selling handbags! We tried to make it as smooth as we could and have ironed out a few wrinkles. Inevitably, we needed some of you to help us test these products. Having received your feedback, we've improved and modified the sizes of the Fluffies and Ferdies. Since MGFT believes no customer should ever be penalised for being an early adopter of an imperfect product, we have also sent through an entire new batch of Fluffies to any early adopter facing size issues. 

So - a big thank you to our customers who have taken a chance and purchased our very first products. 

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments as to your experience in dealing with us and our credibility for the world to see.

The humans that support MGFT which allows for such a high level of performance, efficiency and rapid customer communication rarely gets any compliments but truthfully, MGFT wouldn’t be where it is if it was just me running it. So to my wonderful team - thank you!  

To close things off - I hope to continue to keep you all entertained and help fulfil your vintage bag dreams! I know you have all helped make my dream of being a professional handbag dealer come alive and I could not be happier. 

I hope 20201 finds you and your bag in good [puff] health!




I have been following your IG since 2015. I bought a Diana (because of your IG) as I was fortunate enough to live in a country that has a vibrant Diana reseller market (you know which one!). But that didnt stop me to constantly peek at your IG and drooling over your collection – them babies are always well currated and presented. Looking forward to the upcoming accessories collection so that I can join your flock of loyal clientele! I hope the collection includes vintage chanel accessories.  


You guys are a A+ in my book from beautiful photos on your IG, detailed photos and description on the bags your team, and most of all, being REAL. Can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring you, and wishing the best for the MGFT team ❤️

Amy L.

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