Hire us!

Have an opportunity for MGFT? 

Get in contact (admin@mygrandfathersthings) if you have a genuinely good idea for us to collaborate. Collaborate is the key word here. A few good ideas we've come across:

  1. social media consultation for cultivating a genuine and meaningful following;
  2. brand building/community building online in again, a genuine and meaningful way;
  3. wholesale of vintage Chanel bags (maybe, depends, we can discuss);
  4. relevant and fun brand collaborations and crossover; and
  5. something creative and random! Love a good challenge. 

Some examples from experience of NOT good "collab" ideas:

  1. A backdoor way to buy your Diana outside of our auction method (unfair!);
  2. Posting our pictures on your webpage and then charging a "consignment" fee; and
  3. Paid sponsorships - we do get quite a few sponsorship offerings and while flattered, the current position is that we do not take any sponsorships or product placements. This helps preserve neutrality and our honesty in opinion in the market.