Why Vintage?

Why Vintage?

There are so many good reasons for buying a vintage bags but here are the main reasons why we love vintage bags: functionality, quality, personality and uniqueness. However, unlike other vintage dealers, we don't try to offload junk with a good story. Vintage bags, are just like other items and can score high on functionality and quality as well. There is an unfortunate trend in the vintage market to make vintage items suitable for those with a distinctly 'old' or retro, boho style, but actually when properly curated, it is possible to make recycled vintage for the average modern day user and adapt it to various lifestyles. 

New Chanel bags use different leather materials than from bags made in the early 1990’s. For example, new Chanel lambskin is waxed, but vintage lambskin is not waxed, which is why you will feel a big difference between leathers. It’s not fake, it’s just good quality and we love nothing more than the buttery, smooth feeling of a vintage piece.

Vintage pieces also are much more durable. Many of our friends and customers have complained of Chanel’s deterioration in craftsmanship over the years, with loose seams and stitching and poor leather quality starting to be the norm. Thankfully the old stuff is better than the new.

We specialize in finding rarer vintage styles and offering them at fair prices. They’re not one-of-a-kind necessarily but in this small market, they will definitely be hard to find. Many times we’ve walked around Hong Kong using a piece from our personal collection and people have stopped to ask us where it is from (of course then we feel flattered and shamelessly self-promote).

How old is is vintage exactly?

There is no set time frame and age is only just a number. For us, we look for anything 15 years or older. “Vintage” is not an industry standard by any means, but is now the fashionable term for ‘used’ and ‘old items’. However something that is vintage does not necessarily mean it was used! We have seen some beautiful old items that have never even been taken out of their original packaging. Used items are also not necessarily vintage items.

We do not sell pre-loved Chanel bags in our store, our speciality and interest is only in vintage Chanel bags, be they new or used.


Due to the unique history of each piece, our bags will inevitably not be in brand new condition, be it from gentle use or from general age (just like people!) We try to search for good quality bags which are still functional and well preserved. Each piece has had a different journey and where we can, we try to include the story behind it. Personally, we just love our scuffed corners and patina!