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This is a deposit which is refundable upon proof of payment evidence! Refunds are usually credited in your next credit card cycle.

This deposit is NOT refundable if you do not follow through with payment for whatever reasons. This is strictly applied and no exceptions will be given. Consider it as payment for wasting our time.

This is not a payment plan - please still make full payment promptly within one business day. 

Who needs a deposit?

If you are

(a) a new customer; AND 

(b) unable to provide payment proof within 1 hour of an auction ending (save for time difference issues) or inputting of our RED WORD in the question box,

you must pay a deposit.   

You MUST pay a deposit even if you are waiting on imminent paycheck, waiting for bank to open, holidays such that you cannot access your local physical branch bank to open.  

Deposit Amounts 

For very high value bags, you may be asked to purchase two of these deposits to ensure your sincerity. 

Reasons such as: loss of your or your family members’ employment, hacking of your or your family members’ bank account, credit card, will not be valid reasons to not pay a deposit or to return your deposit. 

Will I still be blocked if I you take my deposit?

Yes. No more goodwill for you.