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  • "Fluffy" the Sagging Bag Slayer - My Grandfather's Things
  • "Fluffy" the Sagging Bag Slayer - My Grandfather's Things
  • "Fluffy" the Sagging Bag Slayer - My Grandfather's Things
  • "Fluffy" the Sagging Bag Slayer - My Grandfather's Things
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"Fluffy" the Sagging Bag Slayer

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Fluffy was designed as a neater way to keep your bags in shape and to prevent sagging of a bag’s base. Obviously tons of cheaper (but more annoying) options also work so you don't need a fancy bag pillow.

However, having lived in constant fear that something would stain or something would stretch the leather, as well as seeing my dresser littered with random bits of cloth and spending loads of time obsessively trying to re-stuff bags with paper perfectly to ensure just enough but not too much padding....acceptance finally came that it was finally time to get (or make) a Fluffy!

Fluffy is a slightly tapered rectangular pillow, with a small handle for easy removal from the bag. It was designed in HK and made by a pillow factory in Shandong, China. The outside is synthetic silk and the inside is made of slightly softer memory foam. This stuff can be used not only as a bag stuffer but theoretically as a pet pillow! Double win!

There are multiple sizes and unlike other sellers, we actually have the bags (a couple even!) on hand for testing of sizes just to make sure the fit is JUST RIGHT. Very expensive research and development but benefits of buying from a collector! You will see that there is still some wiggle room even with Fluffy in all of the sizes and that is made purposefully to ensure that Fluffy doesn't stretch out the leather, keeps a bag‘s structure rigid and leather taut but prevents slackening of shape of the bag with each use. 

Size and Fit

Rectangular Sizes

  • Chanel Rectangle Mini: A3
  • Chanel Classic Small Double Flap:   A1 for vintage and more "stretched out" bags. A4 for brand new, boutique fresh bags.
  • Chanel Classic Medium Double Flap: A2 for vintage and more "stretched out" bags. A5 for brand new, boutique fresh bags. 
  • Chanel Classic Jumbo: A7
  • Chanel Classic Single Flap Maxi: A8
  • Chanel Reissue 224: A3
  • Chanel Reissue 225: A2
  • Vintage Chanel Full Flap Small: A1
  • Vintage Chanel Full Flap Medium: A2
  • Vintage Chanel Diana Bag Small: A1
  • Vintage Chanel Diana Bag Medium: A2
  • Seasonal Vintage Chanel 28cm: A6
  • Vintage Jumbo (30cm): A7
  • Chanel Boy Small: A3
  • Chanel Boy Old Medium: A2
  • Chanel Boy New Medium: A6
  • Chanel 19 Small: A6
  • Chanel 19 Large: A8

Square Sizes

  • Chanel Classic square mini: B1
  • Vintage Chanel Classic square mini: B1
  • Vintage Chanel Classic square large: B1
  • Vintage Chanel Classic square classic flap (25cm): B4
  • Vintage Chanel Camera Bag Small: B1.5
  • Vintage Chanel Camera Bag Medium: B3
  • Vintage Chanel Mademoiselle Square Bag (3.5M Series): B3


Q: What is the difference between "boutique fresh" and vintage?

A: The difference is in "fatness" of Fluffy. If you our bag is brand new, and not yet stretched out - boutique fresh. If your bag is vintage but also not very stretched out, then boutique fresh may also be suitable. You are the best person to decide what your handbag needs! 

Q: I noticed that my Fluffy does not "fill out" all of my bag. 

A: Yes, that is correct. The Fluffy needs to have wiggle room as most of the Chanel bags are constructed with multiple folds and to stretch out the fold will stretch out your bag over time. When you close up your bag, these folds contract and so the actual interior of your bag is much smaller than what you can see when you open your bag. The space around Fluffy is designed to give space for these folds to comfortable contract. 

Q: Do you do Fluffies for the Vanity Case or Coco Handle?

A: As of yet, no, because these bags traditionally have great structural integrity so may not require the support of a Fluffy. 

Q: Do you do custom sizes for Fluffy? 

A: No, we do not. This is because traditionally it takes a few prototypes to get the fitting just right and it is not cost efficient to create custom sizes for the Fluffies. 

For Francophones: 

Fluffy est un oreiller rectangulaire un peu fuselé, avec une petite poignée pour un retrait facile du sac. Il a été conçu à Hong Kong et fabriqué par une usine d'oreillers à Shandong, en Chine. L'extérieur est en soie synthétique et l'intérieur est en mousse à mémoire de forme plus douce.

Vous verrez qu'il y a encore de la marge de manœuvre même avec Fluffy dans toutes les tailles et cela est fait exprès pour s'assurer que Fluffy n'étire pas le cuir, il maintient la structure du sac rigide et le cuir tendu mais évite le relâchement de la forme du sac à chaque utilisation.