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Irwin, 1 series mini burgundy lambskin full flap (19cm) with serial only

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$37,500.00 HKD
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Irwin is a burgundy color mini full flap. He is in excellent vintage condition and likely original color. This is a collector's piece. You can wear this style crossbody or shorten it as a shoulder strap. 

Hardware: good to very good condition with signs of use (always, always)

Color: burgundy/brown combination that can look dark brown or burgundy depending on the light. 

Accessories: serial only. It is MGFT's policy not to ship with vintage dustbags. We only ship with the vintage box if the box is actually the matching original box, otherwise it is not provided. You will get a complimentary Dustin. 

Collectibility: definitely unicorn status! G-daughter has only see one before - Irwin!

You can DM us on instagram for our very thorough unboxing video!