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Vintage Chanel 2000C Sleeveless Vest Top with Fringe - My Grandfather's Things

Vintage Chanel 2000C Sleeveless Vest Top with Fringe

Regular price $3,750.00 HKD $2,000.00 HKD Sale

This is my own personal beautiful top I thrifted from the 200C collection. It is a size FR36 and is actually supposed to be a tiny bit cropped. Only thing is that it's probably a little too tight for me. I modelled it in my blog post on "styling" and it's honestly short enough for my mother to lose sleep. 

Everything is in very good to excellent condition. No stains anywhere and it's been dry cleaned. Buttons are sewn on super tight, except I would maybe think about reinforcing the fifth button from the top down as that one feels a bit looser than the others. 

Beautiful top and I love the textures, fringe and colors on it, but alas it is FAR TOO SMALL FOR ME. I have given up trying to make it fit.