The Diana Color Library (January 2021)

The Diana Color Library (January 2021)

[EDIT for new colors!] If you've been following for a while you know that we've spent a lot of time showcasing the vintage Chanel Diana bag style, which you can see here, herehere and here!

Now that this gem has finally gained traction and has reached incredible popularity, I thought it would be useful to put together a post on all the Diana colors we've come across. This will be from my personal collection as well as from some other followers who have sent me their photos! I will add and amend as I come across more photos of Diana colors!

This is also kind of a trip down memory lane for bags that I have collected before but have now mostly sent off to a new owner. Kind of crazy how much I have changed! Apologies for any variations in photo quality as well. If I am missing any colors here, please let me know and I will happily credit your contribution!

Starting from lightest to darkest now...


I've actually only ever gotten this in caviar...Carlie!

vintage chanel Diana

I chose this picture because I purposely took it to show exactly how "white" the whiteness in the caviar Diana was! Honestly one of my favorite colours and it looks so good against the gold. It's a very warm white but definitely a true white. 


vintage Chanel Diana

There's actually two shades of beige. Light beige and dark beige. Light beige is more of an off-white cream. This was the first time I discovered that there were two beige shades and honestly I had to make a super expensive mistake to find out which one I liked!

Light Beige

In Caviar (major regret selling this beauty)

vintage Chanel Diana

In lambskin:

vintage Chanel Diana

Again, if you ask me, this is a very beautiful night bag in lambskin. I do have major regrets selling these two above!!

Dark Beige

In caviar:

vintage Chanel Diana

in Lambskin

vintage chanel Diana

This is my personal favorite shade of Diana as I love that it doesn't contrast so much with the yellow 24K plated gold. I think I've done countless photo sessions with this color. Even did a whole post on the try on of the medium and small caviar beige. 

Bi-color Dark Beige/Black

vintage Chanel Diana

This is the bi colored one that I had owned at some point. I really don't like this one, mostly because it's not the wearable classic vintage Chanel that I love. This one is definitely more for those who like to wear vintage and dress like the vintage style (hopefully that makes sense!)

I've never seen this one in caviar actually so not sure if that even exists!


vintage Chanel Diana

Again, contribution from a follower here who collects Dianas. I think this one is pretty rare, I've actually seen two in my years of collecting although haven't really been tempted as again, not a huge pop of color fan. 


vintage Chanel Diana

This one is definitely not for me. Hence why I didn't even try in caviar. I really actually am not a fan of pinks in general but there are very loyal pink fans out there who LOVE the pink Diana. 


In caviar

Vintage chanel Diana

in lambskin


vintage Chanel Diana

Personally, I realised red is not a color for me. It's just too bright and I don't really like it. I have owned at some point the color in both leather combinations and have finally decided, nope! It's a very bright cherry red, kind of like the perfect red lipstick.


Dark blue

[Edit January 2021] I have now actually had and sold a dark navy blue caviar Diana. She was absolutely gorgeous and looks almost like a black. 

Caviar Diana navy  

The vintage version of dark navy is much darker and warmer (closer to a black). I have yet to come across a lambskin version!

Baby Blue

vintage Chanel Diana

This guy was aptly named Azul! Incredibly rare color of a Diana and super beautiful shade of baby blue. 


Bronze Diana lambskin

Now i've never seen this actually in person, but a follower who collects Dianas sent this to me when I told her I was putting together a sort of color library. This is very intriguing as apparently it looks glossy and matte in different lights (i.e. it looks like a true bronze and/or a light tan brown depending on the light).


vintage Chanel Diana

Even in browns, I've actually had in my collection at some point quite a few shades!

Caramel/Milk Tea Brown

vintage Chanel Diana

This one I actually featured in my reissue Diana post. I think it's only a reissue specific color!



This is a colour that is kind of in between brown and grey it’s almost like a very warm taupe! Depending on the light it can look a little bit brown or more of a true taupe. Very rare and a true chameleon. This is one from my personal collection!

 Small Diana brownSmall Diana brown

Dark Brown

In caviar (aka Bruno!)

vintage Chanel Diana

in lambskin 

vintage Chanel Diana 

This one has been edited so may not be true to color but definitely it is a slightly cool tone brown. 


As contributed by instragram user: eeyore0708, here is her burgundy small lambskin. So beautiful and so rare!!

vintage burgundy small Diana


In lambskin...

Vintage Chanel Diana

Super classic obviously, the original. My first ever Diana! Ironically enough I don't own any black lambskin Dianas any more. Ive realised the shiny smooth leather and gold is probably too formal for my every day life. I also sell them on a regular basis so when I'm missing one, I'll just use them until I let them go, perks of being a part time dealer!!!

and in caviar...

Vintage Chanel Diana

In caviar, much rarer, but still very classic. I have this one in small caviar (Henry) and honestly was on my wishlist for so many years. So happy to have finally found the perfect one!!

Let me know what you think! Any colors I'm missing here?


Thanks for the wonderful post of Diana’s. U have an amazing collection n I have enjoyed admiring all of them. Definitely cannot imagine your immense joy of actually owning and enjoying them before. I m actually reading your website’s to conduct research n due diligence before buying Diana’s n have found them very beneficial. Thank you 😃
I recently saw a reseller putting up a “dark chocolate” shade almost looking black
I asked if there were lost of colour etc but they said there weren’t any as it was the original colour which was also double confirmed by their Japanese counterpart which is the bag is just a very dark chocolate ( looks black actually on all the photos furnished with a slight tinge of dark brown on some angle). Reseller also claimed that a true vintage connoisseur would be able to tell if there was any discolouration. I clearly am not one 😂So I wonder how true is that. I have ploughed thru plenty of websites but seriously found none that looks like dark choc ( bag really borders on black)
In your expert opinion, would u pick up a Diana with some discolouration? Thanks


Hi! I saw a deep red Diana on instagram before. Kind of in between chilli red and burgundy. Do you think its the original colour? Hope you can find it one day :)


Hi, I’m trying to purchase a beige Diana on the pre loved market and everyone calls the color “beige”. In your opinion, which color is the most common and most available (light beige vs dark beige)? Depending on the the picture it leans yellow tone while others lean pink tone (both lambskin). Also for the well used Diana, does it change color from your experience? Thanks!


I have seen some lambskin dianas that has the straps that are sewn at the edges. Do you know which circa this belongs to?


Especially love the light beige lambskin and dark beige caviar. The style is sooo classic and I wish I could own the entire collection!


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