Meet the Team

MGFT Hiring Status: CLOSED, we are NOT hiring at the moment. 

What started out as a blog has now grown into a fulsome team based all around the world. We are deeply committed to offering a 24 hour service to our global community and our own team reflects this internationalism. We work hard to run the business (very hard) and if you ever feel like we have gone the extra mile, feel free to Buy us a coffee! 


Founder and original shopkeeper of My Grandfather’s Things. She is a vintage Diana lover and enthusiastic home chef and foodie based in Hong Kong. She is the head buyer for both the Hong Kong and Singapore shops as well as chief accessory designer. You will often find her taking her bags out for coffee dates in Hong Kong (her bags are lactose intolerant so they prefer oat milk lattes!) She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. You can email her at


Co-Founder and chief administrator of My Grandfather’s Things. She handles all logistics, shipping, secretarial, administration-related of the entire MGFT group and is based in Hong Kong. You will find her checking her HK Post app or on the phone with Fedex. She occasionally gets to enjoy dim sum in Hong Kong. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. You can email her at

Sunny Islander

Chief shopkeeper of My Grandfather’s Things (Singapore). She is a vintage Hermes lover and based in tropical Singapore. You will find her taking pictures of vintage bags and sprinkling Singlish and Emojis throughout her postings. She is also a morning spin class worshipper. She speaks English, Mandarin and pre-school level Bahasa Indonesia. You can email her at

Snow Angel

Social media community manager and graveyard shift worker at My Grandfather’s Things. She is based on the east coast of North America. You will find her engaging and monitoring MGFT’s account while Asia is asleep. Like Granddaughter, she is also an avid home cook. She is the MGFT Group’s resident LV expert. She speaks English and French. You can email her at

Intern 1

Creative content strategist and chief copywriter at My Grandfather’s Things. He is in charge of all video content on MGFT as well as creating content for the MGFT youtube channel. He enjoys looking (and only sometimes collecting) vintage watches in his spare time. He speaks English, Mandarin and Hokkien. The interns can be contacted at

Intern 2

Inventory manager for Sunny Islander at My Grandfather’s Things (Singapore). He is in charge of buying kopi and dropping off parcels. He enjoys looking (only looking!) at vintage cars. He speaks English and Mandarin. The interns can be contacted at

MGFT Elves

Hailing from various backgrounds, they are responsible for the most critical task of any e-commerce business, fulfilment and inventory control! They are extremely skilled in packing everything - from the vintage bags to your fluffies. They also assist with local bag deliveries, inventory management and tying your ribbons on the Fluffies. If you would like to send them mail - please send it to G-daughter, she will gladly pass it on.