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Welcome to our world! We've been selling vintage bags for 4 years now, mostly on instagram. What you see available here is just a small fraction of our items that we list and sell!

Everyone has their own way of using social media to sell items, our 'method' is a bit tricky but stick with us, we do it for good reasons. 

Our vintage bags are (1) expensive and (2) old so we spend a lot of time showcasing each individual piece's condition and accessories. Our videos are detailed - more than enough for you to take a look at all the material parts of the bag. 



All our bags are first listed in our stores on instagram. We split our bags into two categories (1) auction and (2) direct purchase. 


Bags sold via "auction" are typically rarer, expensive or very coveted (sometimes all three!).

You will know it is an auction because it will say "AUCTION" in blue font on the story. 

Besides one price update at 12:00 on the timer, there are none others. It is not designed to extract maximum price on the item, but more so to allow people the full 24 hours to decide on an expensive item. 

Click through for condition report on the item and make your decision. If you decide to "bid", submit an amount higher than the one stated on the story. 

Shipping is NOT included on Auction items.

"Direct Purchase"

Old MGFT fans know we call this "Shark" - this was the first red word we ever used. many years back. Now it is a less cool name, "Direct Purchase". 

You will know this is direct purchase as we will list an item in 5 different currencies. You should know that these are time sensitive so they will expire in 24 hours. 

Click through for condition report on the item and make your decision. If you decide to purchase, insert the red word from the end of the video into the question box. Why do you need to do this? it is to ensure you have thoroughly viewed the condition of the item in question. 

Shipping is included on Direct Purchase items.


99% of our customers bank transfer, regardless of their location. We have local business bank accounts in US/UK/SG/HK/AU/EU. We NEVER use a personal bank account to collect payment. 

Should your purchase be eligible for credit card payment, this will be an extra 6% fees on the total and we will send you a link to checkout to insert your card details. We NEVER collect your credit card number directly. 

When deciding how to make payment, let yourself be guided by common sense and not fear mongering on the internet. Read our statistics from our annual reports to see the percentage level of customer satisfaction we achieve. 

Accessories are always extra but you can add them on to your order to save on shipping. 


We almost always ship from HK. It is our home and office HQ.

We ship via Fedex (tracked, signed and express). It is your responsibility to make sure you track your item and reply to any fedex emails in a timely manner! For logistical reasons, you cannot select another courier. 

To prevent phising emails, we will direct message you the tracking number to your package. You should take this tracking number and crosscheck with all emails from Fedex to double check. 

If Fedex fails to make your delivery and re-routes your package back to us, you will need to pay USD 285 for the item to be shipped again. 


In most cases (i.e. if you bank transferred), your invoice is sent 1-2 months after you receive the item? Why is this? We need to manually generate invoices from our website in batches. 

Picking up in HK/SG

We offer pick up in person in HK for locals and non-locals. In SG, we offer special delivery for non-locals passing through. However as a general rule of e-commerce, all payments must be made in full and cleared funds before we will arrange for pick up - so even if you are local to SG or HK you cannot "view" or "inspect" an item. 

Our location in HK is in Sai Ying Pun. Our office hours are 10am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. 

If you are passing through SG, please let us know and we will arrange for our courier to arrive at your desired time for an additional SGD 35. 


We are unable to offer returns/exchanges. Please read our House Policies for further information.