In Person Appointments

In Person Appointment

Welcome to our first Pop-Up, we're so excited to be hosting you in our store!

Booking link available here 

Location: Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (details forthcoming)

Dates: August 26 - August 29, 2022

Time slot: each appointment will be 60 minutes and if there are many people waiting outside we ask that you are prompt in your arrival and departure. 

Can I just browse?

Yes you can, but you still need an appointment! For now, we are not allowing walk-ins because our venue imposes strict maximum capacity rules. We encourage you to make an appointment so that you don't need to wait outside in the heat. 

Schedule of Activities

If you have a wishlist filled out in our booking form, a MGFT team member will guide you to the right area, but otherwise we will leave you alone to browse. Please just wear the gloves provided and be careful with handling items!

First Come First Served

We operate on a first come first served basis for bags which means we don't allow for any reservations, holds, payment plans. 


Snap as many photos as you want of bags but please ask any human if they would like to be photographed before proceeding to do so. 

How many people can be at my appointment?

Friends shop together and you’re more than welcome to bring your shopping buddies with you! Note that one appointment can host no more than four people (you and three friends!) Please let us know how many people you will be bringing as we need to remain compliant with our venue’s social distancing policies. 

Handling Items

You will be given a set of gloves before handling any bags. Please put these on before handling any handbags. You may be asked to wear an apron if your clothing has beaded or abrasive designs on clothing. 

If you accidentally dent, scratch, mishandle any of our items, you will be asked to purchase the item. 

Please take off all sharp jewelry before handling our bags and be responsible for all your personal articles.


Please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. We don’t ask you to pay a deposit to reserve your spot but out of consideration to others please do not reserve a spot for the sake of it. 

Late Arrival

We understand that people can be late but do note that if you do not arrive at your allotted time, you may need to wait in line with the rest of our walk-in customers. This is due to restrictions set by the venue and we need to actively implement crowd control measures. 

Viewing Online Bags

Bags sold on our website or social media may not necessarily be available for viewing in the store. If you have any bags of interest, please email us prior and we will try our best to accommodate!


We will accept the following payment methods in Hong Kong Dollars:

  • FPS
  • Bank Transfer: Standard Chartered, HSBC or DBS
  • PayMe
  • Credit card: + 3.5%
  • We accept consumption vouchers if you have loaded it into your PayMe account only. 

Note: if we are not able to instantly confirm your payment at checkout, you will be asked to return the next business day or we will arrange for a separate pick-up time after the Pop-Up. 

We do not accept cash or cheques as forms of payment. We only accept Hong Kong Dollars in our physical Pop-up. 

COVID Restrictions

To remain compliant with social distancing measures, our location will only be able to host a certain number of people at a time. Even if it looks like the location has a lot of space, you may still be asked to wait outside for a few minutes. Please be patient and respectful as the team implements crowd control measures to ensure compliance. 

Accessibility/Special Requests/General Questions

Please email