Why us?

Why should we buy from you and not X?

We provide the best of both worlds. Large retailers guarantee authenticity but also charge huge markups. Small retailers have lower prices but you don't know if they're selling the real thing. Consignment stores sort of lump everything together and quality is never guaranteed (trust us, we've tried everything). On e-bay, well you never know what you're getting, really. 

We're personal collectors with a passion for hunting and collecting vintage Chanel bags and we price and sell only items we personally would also want. In fact, many of our listed items are from our own personal collection. If you buy from us, you're buying our years of experience, careful curation and peace of mind.

Where are your bags from?

Everywhere. We buy from a network of sellers (who are also buyers and vintage fans themselves) from around the world. As you may have noticed, we speak several languages, which makes doing business with everyone a lot easier.


As vintage Chanel collectors for many years we stand by the authenticity of our bags 100%. We guarantee the authenticity of all our bags sold in our store. 

We never sell fake or imitation bags because we respect intellectual property.