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How do I buy?

You must be a sham. Are we really a SHAM?

You will notice we have no vintage Dianas for sale. Is that because we are a SHAM?! No, definitely not. Common sense dictates there are easier ways to rip you off (such as listing an item here for sale using pictures we rip off from other people!)

Due to surging demand, we have implemented a 24 hour silent bid auction process on INSTAGRAM. You just send us a message with your bid price and you have one final chance to update it. We list our rules on instagram to auction and this is highlighted in the “FAQ” section in our stories. Please read that first as we tend not to appreciate answering questions which can be answered by simply clicking around actually spending time doing YOUR due diligence. 

Where can I buy then?

We’re most active on Instagram and you can find bags for auction. You will find the most updated status of our Dianas and other vintage Chanel bags for sale in our stories. This website is a space for us to blog and fulfil our other purpose which is educating our buyers in vintage luxury bags and selling our accessories line!

See you on instagram (@mygrandfathersthings) and join the community!