About Us

My Grandfather’s Things is a blogger/instagrammer page with now a small boutique shop. The blog originally started in 2017 by an average Hong Kong native, granddaughter. She was inspired by her grandfather’s interest in collecting everyday old items - some of his favorites include old flower pots, train tickets and old coins from Hong Kong's Colonial period. Thus, the name "My Grandfather's Things" or "MGFT" is an homage to the original vintage collector. 

Upon her Grandfather's passing, Granddaughter inherited her Grandfather's vast flower pot collection as well as his love for collecting every day memorabilia from the past. This interest in old functional things eventually led her down the slippery and dangerous slope of vintage Chanel bags and so began the never ending chase of vintage Chanel Diana bags. 

Originally a blog set up to educate and share information gathered from hunting these vintage Chanel Diana bags, Granddaughter finally decided in 2017 to open shop, selling items she always wanted but could never find, as well as selling items online in a way that was interactive and meaningful.

Based (predominantly) in Hong Kong, MGFT has become a small specialist boutique with an extremely global footprint. MGFT, as a business, is known for its interactive shopping experience which comprises of extreme responsiveness, meticulousness in method and transparency with buyers and fans alike. 

In 2020, armed with now 3 years of solid experience of handling vintage bags, MGFT launched an accessory line focusing on the preservation and care of vintage Chanel bags as a means to help vintage lovers all around the world to help to deterioration of their vintage bags. 

MGFT's long term vision is to constantly highlight the beauty of second hand used things. Like her Grandfather, Granddaughter truly believes old items can still be functional, beautiful and joyful - old things can be given a meaningful second life!

We do not sell fake or imitation bags because we respect intellectual property. We also PROACTIVELY assert and protect our intellectual property and have many friends in the legal industry who will not hesitate to send you template warning letters if any of our rights are infringed. 

All trademarks belong to Chanel Inc., and its relevant subsidiary as such corresponding registered marks are registered. 


爺爺啲嘢由一個受到自己爺爺喜愛中古的影響 的孫女創始。孫女第一個中古物品就是她的婆婆的嫁妝箱開始,然後其第一個名牌包是一從朋友買的一個1989年的包。