About Us

My Grandfather’s Things was set up by a granddaughter inspired by her grandfather’s interest in collecting everyday old items. He loved collecting old flower pots, train tickets and old coins from Hong Kong's Colonial period. 

Granddaughter is a millennial in age but a granny in spirit. For reference, she usually wears size medium or large and is around 5”7. She also has gigantic feet. Her user preference for any hand bag is always first and foremost functionality and so loves cross body bags. Her first vintage item was an inherited dowry trunk and her first expensive bag was a vintage bag from 1989 purchased using her savings from a family friend. 

After many years of hunting, trading and getting ripped off, she finally decided to set up shop selling items she always wanted but could never find and thus My Grandfather's Things was born. We specialise in selling the "Classics" of vintage Chanel. 

Based in Hong Kong, My Grandfather's Things is a small enterprise run by a hobbyist vintage Chanel dealer that specialises in vintage Chanel Diana bag. The "team" consists of the Daughter, Granddaughter and an "intern", as well as supportive and passionate friends of the team.

The long term goal of MGFT is to combine social media and education to try to encourage recycling items and appreciate the beauty of second hand used things. You will see that we do not romanticise and tell made up stories, but we describe each bag's unique selling points and try to show you that old items can still be functional and beautiful, with intrinsic value and beauty. 

We promise to sell authentic vintage Chanel bags that are always fairly priced and carefully curated. Curated is not a term we use lightly. Of the bags we list for sale, there are hundreds that do not make the selection because a lot of things in the market is junk. On average, the Granddaughter spends an hour every day just looking at vintage Chanel bags to source what is good and what everyone might like, so "curate" is not just a fancy term for stock but a fancy term for being PICKY. 

We do not sell fake or imitation bags because we respect intellectual property. We also PROactively assert and protect our intellectual property and have many friends in the legal industry who will not hesitate to send you template warning letters. 


爺爺啲嘢由一個受到自己爺爺喜愛中古的影響 的孫女創始。孫女第一個中古物品就是她的婆婆的嫁妝箱開始,然後其第一個名牌包是一從朋友買的一個1989年的包。