The name "My Grandfather's Things" is an homage to Granddaughter's late grandfather who loved collecting old items from Hong Kong's colonial period. 

My Grandfather’s Things began as a blog in 2017 with absolutely zero intention of being an actual shop. The blog was set up by G-daughter to document her journey to hunting for one (just one!) Diana for herself. It was difficult enough to find let alone to find information on the style, so she decided to blog about it in early 2017. 

As the blog post grew more popular, G-daughter started getting emails from random strangers asking if she sold these bags and that’s how the bag business started. First bag ever sold was actually through email where someone sent money over paypal and G-daughter shipped the bag through HK Post. For some reason, despite being seas apart, this person trusted us and of course we could not let her down. 

In late 2017, G-daughter then set up an instagram for My Grandfather’s Things to post pictures of her handbags and then inquiries started coming in to sell the bags in the pictures (which as you know are not for sale!). 

Our Founder

At the helm of MGFT is our fearless founder, G-daughter. She has one of the largest and rarest collection of vintage Dianas in the world and is known in the community for her no-BS approach to selling vintage handbags in the e-commerce space. 

G-daughter is highly experienced with the selling of and the authentication of vintage handbags, with a speciality in the higher end brands of vintage Chanel and Hermes. 

Accessory Line

In 2020, MGFT launched its accessory line which focuses on technically constructed accessories to bolster, preserve and maintain conditions of new and old Chanel bags. We started with fluffy and ferdie and continue to work directly with manufacturers to design other potential accessory products. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and G-daughter personally designs and tests each product on her own handbags to ensure that it is fit for purpose and use. 

Singapore Branch

In 2021, MGFT launched a second shop based out of Singapore to provide logistics support as well as to sell different styles of vintage handbags to customers based locally in Singapore. 

MGFT continues to pride itself on organic growth and support through predominantly word of mouth. We pride ourselves on being technical and meticulous with our condition reports on each vintage bag sold and create new functional products that solve problems for the world’s bag lovers. We hope you will continue to support us as we grow.


MGFT does NOT sell fake or imitation bags because we respect intellectual property. We also PROACTIVELY assert and protect our intellectual property and have many friends in the legal industry who will not hesitate to send you template warning letters if any of our rights are infringed. 

All trademarks for handbags and related ancillary products sold by MGFT belong to Chanel Inc., and its relevant subsidiaries.

My Grandfather's Things is a registered trademark. Please only use with permission from MGFT.


爺爺啲嘢由一個受到自己爺爺喜愛中古的影響 的孫女創始。孫女第一個中古物品就是她的婆婆的嫁妝箱開始,然後其第一個名牌包是一從朋友買的一個1989年的包。



Vintage bags are not everyone’s cup of tea, so feel free to email us (admin@mygrandfathersthings.com), Whatsapp us at +852 9386 4806 or direct message us on Instagram (@mygrandfathersthings) if you have any questions about our bags, vintage items in general or even the weather!

Advice on any vintage Chanel bags (not necessarily ours!) is always, free. 


如果有任何查詢(關於中古或其他問題),請給我們發電郵 (admin@mygrandfathersthings.com), Whatsapp (+852 9386 4806) 或通過在Instagram (@mygrandfathersthings) 直接Message我們,我們24小時為您貼心服務。