Welcome to our HK Pop-Up!


This is our first even Pop-Up and we're so excited to be hosting it in our hometown!

About the Pop-Up


Before your visit....

As you would treat your elders, please treat all our items respectfully and with due care.

A few house rules:

  1. Please ensure that you wear light-coloured, soft AND non-abrasive clothing. You may be asked to wear an apron to cover your clothing before you can try on any of our pieces.
  2. Please take off all sharp jewellery before handling our bags. You will be responsible for all your personal articles.
  3. If you accidentally dent, scratch, mishandle any of our items, you will be asked to purchase the item. 
  4. Just like our online rules, we don't take any reservations, holds etc...
  5. Similarly, we don't do any "payment plans".
  6. Snap as many photos as you want of bags but please ask any human if they would like to be photographed before doing so. For myself, I prefer to not take any fan photos. 

Who you will meet at the Pop-Up

NOT ALWAYS ME, AKA G. While I will be loitering around, please do not be disappointed if I am unable to host you personally! I will be taking appointments directly so I will be able to meet some of you (but not all!) I am always flattered with any fan attention but please be respectful of whichever customer I am currently hosting. Rest assured you will be well taken care of by friends of MGFT! 

What you can expect at the Pop-Up

Lots of bags! For purchase but also for play! Make sure you have enough credit limit (lol). 

Other activities could include bringing your own bag into the Pop-Up so that it can meet other bag babies! Snap a few selfies with Bruno and Henry! Try on our house-designed accessories into your bags!

The Pop-Up is an inclusive environment so ALL bags (regardless of age and brand) are welcome. 

    Before you go...

    Hong Kong is an expensive place to rent a physical location and as a small business we appreciate your help in helping us offset our costs. We don't charge any entrance fees for a few hours of quality bag play but that doesn't mean we don't have very high costs.

    If you don't purchase a bag, we urge you to consider purchasing our Pop-Up Goodie Bag as a way to support the business. The business continues only from the continued support of all of YOU!

    My team and I look forward to meeting you and your bag baby!